What Is A Mask And Why Should You Wear N95 Mask?

A mask is a protective shield for your respiratory organs like your nose and your mouth directly and your lungs and the windpipe. A mask is required when the air quality index of your surrounding area is quite high. The air quality index indicates the pollutants present in the air that might harm your lungs and may also cause lung cancer in some cases if not taken precautions. The most effective and most used and trusted mask before and after COVID – 19 is the N95 mask.

Today when the whole world is striving and struggling with coronavirus that started in 2019 December, these masks have shown their usefulness. The nations’ government had made it necessary for all its citizens to wear masks while moving out of the house because these masks may reduce the chance of infection from COVID – 19. This has made us stick indoors, but we can go out only by wearing a mask to prevent the attack.

Various kinds of masks are used worldwide

  • The masks are used by doctors and surgeons not to get infected by the patient they are treating themselves. These masks also protect the doctors from the patient’s blood contact with their facial skin and other openings, which may become cautious if not taken care of.
  • The normal public uses clothed masks to stay safe from air pollution that may cause lungs disease and, in some cases, may also cause lungs cancer, as mentioned above. These masks need to be opaquer than the normal clothed ones; hence, they are made thicker due to more layers and protect you from harmful air pollutants. These masks are said and proven to be 95 per cent effective against pollution and hence are named N95 mask.
  • Some of the masks are also used to look fashionable. You might have seen masks in photos of some people or social influencers. Some people who are camera shy or non – photogenic also use these decorative masks are a fashionable item.

These masks are, in no case, harmful for anyone who wears them. Mask has been made the new normal in the society due to the pandemic. Because before, some people were a bit hesitant about wearing a mask and going in public. A new trend has risen before you that involve these masks, and you cannot change it, so you must adopt it. These masks can save your lives without you knowing it because you may come across a corona patient who himself is not aware of his sickness in public. These masks hence, act as a chain breaker for the unbreakable and solid chain of sickness and deaths through this virus and its mutants. It will save you from many diseases and one can live hassle free life.

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