What does testosterone do in human body?

A hormone called testosterone is present in both humans and other animals. In males, testosterone is predominantly produced in the testicles. Though in much lesser levels, testosterone is also produced by women’s ovaries. During puberty, testosterone production begins to rise considerably, and it then starts to decline around the age of 30. Testosterone is frequently linked to libido and is essential for the synthesis of sperm. Additionally, it has an impact on red blood cell synthesis, bone and muscle mass, and how men store fat in their bodies. A man’s mood may also be impacted by his testosterone levels.

Ranges might range between laboratories, so it’s crucial to discuss your results with your doctor. According to the American Urological Association, a doctor may perform a workup to identify the source of low testosterone if an adult male’s testosterone levels are below 300 ng/dL. Pituitary gland issues might be indicated by low testosterone levels.

A signaling greatest testosterone boosters hormone from the pituitary gland urges the testicles to make more testosterone. In an adult male, a low T test result may indicate that the pituitary gland isn’t functioning correctly. However, a young adolescent with low testosterone levels may be going through delayed puberty. Men with somewhat increased testosterone levels may not exhibit many symptoms. Puberty may start early for boys whose testosterone levels are greater.

Treatment with synthetic testosterone

Hypogonadism, a disorder marked by decreased testosterone production, doesn’t necessarily call for medical intervention. If your health and quality of life are being negatively impacted by low T, you may be a candidate for testosterone replacement treatment. Artificial testosterone can be given orally, intravenously, topically, or topically through gels or patches. Replacement treatment could yield in the desired outcomes, such as increased muscular mass and sex drive. But there are some negative side effects to the medication.

Most frequently, testosterone is connected to men’s sex desire. It also has an impact on red blood cell synthesis, bone and muscle mass, mental wellness, and fat storage. A man’s mental and physical health might be impacted by abnormally low or high levels. A quick blood test can be used by your doctor to determine your testosterone levels. Men with low levels of testosterone can be treated with testosterone treatment. Ask your doctor if this form of treatment would be beneficial for you if you have low T. The body of a woman easily transforms testosterone and other androgens into female sex hormones.

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