Tamil Love Movies For Couple

With so much emotional turmoil in our hearts, love has become the most neglected emotion. However, these romantic, new Tamil movies will again burn the desire for love in your heart and set it on fire.

  1. Andhra Mess

The movie is about a gangster who hired four criminals, ran away with a bag of cash, and started living with an older man with a young daughter.

  1. Uyire

In this movie, the hero confesses his love to a mysterious woman who does not reciprocate his feelings. When the protagonist is about to get married, the woman again comes into the picture seeking help. It is a thriller movie that hooks you to the end.

  1. Kadhalar dhinam

The movie is inspired by the reality of the modern generation who stay hooked on the online world. In this story, Raja and Roja fall in love in an internet chat room, and a series of mishaps happen.

  1. Koogle Kuttappa

The movie will ignite a spark of emotion, especially if you are young. It is an emotional roller coaster ride movie that stages a lot of emotions over one night. The protagonist of the story, is man and machine. Seems exciting, well it is a must-watch Tamil love movie.

  1. Gemini Ganeshanum Suruli Raajanum

Thisnew Tamil movie investigates the story of a man name Geminin Ganesham. He is shown to be a romantic youngster who manages to express his love to different girls at different points in time. He realizes his folly that true love can be only with one girl. He then sets out in the pursuit of the chosen one. His end aim is to propose to her and marry her, so that he can settle down in life with her. The movie explores the change in behaviour in the lead actor from a Casanova to a regular guy falling in heads over heel in love  with a girl.  The narrative moves in the form of his life story narrated by him to a don named Suruli Raajan who has visited the house of his former lady love.

Grab these on Aha

Do you have your tub of popcorn ready? Then what are you waiting for? Hope on a ride of a life with these romance Tamil movies. They will take you on a long emotional ride where emotions rule. Do watch them on aha ott platform.

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