Glass dab rigs – Guide to Choose the Best Glass Dab Rigs


Search for glass dab rigs at their online headshop. Spot apparatuses or oil rigs are concentrated pipes – a kind of water pipe planned explicitly for the utilization of waxes and oils or “touches”. Smoke Cartel has the best choice of glass spot rigs available to be purchased, your new most loved spot rig is only a tick away – with free transportation and moment return.

Capitalize on your honey, budder, and break with a unique spot rig. These water pipes are intended to diffuse intensity, not give extraordinary filtration, offer dabbers a simple draw, and boost the kind of their concentrates.

They have likewise got an enormous assortment of recycler spot rigs, leaned toward by dabbers since they are intended to keep your water and fume continually moving inside the glass for the least drag and greatest flavour.

Finding the ideal spot apparatus can be troublesome, yet they have attempted to make the cycle a piece simpler. They have organized a determination of the greatest quality borosilicate glass fixes, and have a wide choice of spot devices to go with your apparatus buy – from carb covers to titanium nails and quartz bangers, to different dabber instruments, and more.

Glass Dab Rigs Shopping Tips:

  • Spot apparatuses can be more modest than customary water pipes, yet don’t be shocked that the sticker prices stay in a similar reach.
  • Look at the perks! Glass-blowing craftsmen keep on designing astounding ways of diffusing and channelling smoke, and there is A Ton of decisions. Try not to be overpowered; here’s a manual for every one of the various types of percolators!
  • Remember the nail! Spotting requires a nail or banger to appreciate concentrates.

Choosing a Dab Rig

While touching initially broke into the standard, dabbers frequently put warming components on their enormous water pipes and tapped out. In any case, spot rigs have changed essentially throughout recent years, and dabbers have exchanged container bongs and straight cylinders for touch fixes that are a portion of the size or more modest. Obviously, bigger parts generally make for a noteworthy presence!

Take the exemplary Faberge egg rig plan, for instance. Fab eggs aren’t little in height, yet they have a tight water chamber to skip the water and concentrate fume against the walls of the piece. The mark of concentrates is for without-drag smoke, and that requires dense chambers to handily send the fume straightforwardly to your lungs.

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