Commercial Building Signs in Richmond, VA: Everything you need to know

A well-designed building sign for your business is an excellent way to increase customer traffic. Individuals can easily recognise your business location with external building signs. To advertise your brand, the appealing outdoor building sign could business model elements logos, colour schemes, eye-catching visuals, and marketing. Prospective clients are attracted to business signs. There are many different kinds of commercial signs, each having its own set of benefits. With the correct commercial building signs in Richmond, VA for your business, you can intrigue the enthusiasm of passers-by.

Exterior business sign types

  • Pylon Signs: Pylon signs are freestanding, tall signs which are not attached to a building. The signs are usually illuminated to make them noticeable from the highway. When there are several businesses in a retail park, Pylons signs come in handy.
  • Monument Signs: Monument signs are typically low-profile and at eye level. Outdoor signs typically include the organization’s name, logo, and brand. Monument signs, on the other hand, are perfect for traffic, wayfinding, and basic information.
  • Pole Signs: The signage, also known as post signs, consists mainly of a floating sign placed on a single post. A pole sign usually contains only the name of one firm and could or might not be located near the building.

Outdoor commercial building signs that are illuminated

It is essential to think about illumination when selecting the type of commercial sign for your building. At any time of day, a variety of lighting design alternatives on your exterior building signage could make a stunning visual effect. Backlighting can be used on the building’s exterior sign to help your business hold out. In low-light or dark situations, illuminating channel letters guarantee that individuals recognise the sign. You can also increase the visibility of your commercial sign by integrating internal light sources in a blade sign. Illuminated building signs aren’t just for low-light situations.


Commercial signs connected to a building are crucial for directing customers to your establishment. Other types of external signage, on the other hand, can be useful in certain situations. Assume your business is located on a side street or in a large retail park. Wayfinding or outdoor marketing signs are appropriate in this case.

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