Healthy Eating With Best Macarons Singapore

Food vans dedicated to cupcakes have even appeared in various cities. But recently a new trend has emerged that may have stolen some of the noise from muffins: Parisian-style Macarons. Cupcakes have been at the forefront of the confectionery field for several years, and bakeries offer exotic and sophisticated flavor combinations.

Macarons is a meringue-based cookie interspersed with various fillings

After taking a bite out of one, the crunchy appearance gives way to a soft and sweet interior mixed with a filling that can be anything from jam to chocolate ganache to vanilla cream. It’s a deceptively simple creation of ground almonds, egg whites, and sugar that provides the foundation for a wide range of flavors and aesthetic appeal.

Parisians are so excited about their creation that Jour du Macaron, or Macaroni Day, is now celebrated on March 20 each year, and New York bakers kicked off a similar event in 2010. On this day, shoppers they get free Macarons from members’ stores, and they are encouraged to buy more, with part of the proceeds going to help the hungry.

Whitespatula is credited with creating best macarons Singapore in the early 20th century, and it’s probably no coincidence that one of his relatives who founded the first bakery associated with pastry. It’s a popular accompaniment to afternoon tea in Paris, and bakeries in the world’s major cities have discovered its charm, from London to Tokyo to New York.

Homemade Macarons

Homemade bakers have also discovered Macarons, but many find it intimidating. Getting that distinctive, speckled ruffled foot takes practice, as does getting a round, smooth cookie. Baking times and temperatures are also a bit picky. An increasing number of cookbooks offer clear instructions and many suggestions for filling and flavor. On the Internet, of course, you can find instructions on how to cook Macarons, with photos, tips and videos. A simple search will open up dozens of resources for those interested in learning the technique.

Special equipment is required, such as a piping bag with a large round tip and parchment paper or a silicone baking mat. The stationary mixer is very useful for whisking egg whites and the bowl scraper, which is often used for baking bread, works well for mixing egg whites with almond flour and sugar. Although Macarons is time consuming and requires precise measurements, it is fairly inexpensive to produce – almond flour is considered by most bakers to be the most expensive ingredient.


For all but the most experienced bakers, those trying to bake for the first time should wait to go through several batches before finding their comfort zone in terms of baking technique and time. But the result is worth it and will impress both the family and the guests.

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