Different Types Of Casio Watches That You Can Buy

Watches are considered a part of accessories that men and women like to own and wear on every occasion. They add a touch of coolness and sometimes elegance in the hands of the wearer. As per your budget, you can own a metallic watch, a leather watch, etc. There are many types of watches that you can purchase as per your requirement. You will come to know more about CASIO watches further below.

Types Of Watches

If you love experimenting with stuff, then definitely you will like to experiment with watches. A few of the categories of watches that you can buy from the CASIO watch store are

  • G-Shock- This falls under the category of unbreakable watches designed by this company. You get a ten-year battery life and a ten-meter shock resistance when buying a G-Shock watch. This watch came into existence in 1983. This watch is a must-buy for you if you love participating in adventurous activities. These watch series are protected internally by a layer of urethane to prevent them from a direct impact.
  • Baby G – These are the first series of CASIO watches that are designed especially for women. Their functionality is similar to the G-Shock series. These watches are water and shock-resistant. If you are the type of woman who likes to indulge in sports or other physical activities, then babyg hong kong watches are best for you to own. Since it is specially designed for women, thus you can get feminine shades of these watches.

  • Sheen – They come with elegant and sophisticated designs that you can wear during formal meetings or any function. Particularly designed for women, these designs are available in various metallic shades. You can also get these watches with leather straps if you love wearing leather strap watches.
  • Pro trek- If you love mountaineering or hiking, you should check out pro trek watches. These watches are designed especially for the purpose of trekking since they can measure barometric pressure, temperature, etc. The sensors installed in these watches help to perform such functions.


Thus, you can buy watches from any of the series of CASIO watches that are mentioned above. If you love aesthetic objects, then you can check for a vintage collection too of this company. Further, if you are a fan of watching multiple dials on your watch, then the edifice series will impress you with its designs. Thus, you can buy a watch as per your wish and budget.

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