Best Cashback Credit Card with Bonus System 2021

We show the best cashback credit card with a bonus system. Anyone who pays with a Cashback credit card receives a certain amount of reimbursement for the sales made by participating partner companies. In addition to the option of cashless purchases, cardholders benefit from additional bonuses such as discounts or shopping vouchers. With some back of 신용카드현금화, you can even have a certain amount of money credited to you.

With cashback credit cards – unlike credit cards without a bonus system – there is an extra reward when you shop with them. However, since it can’t hurt to look in the mouth even when a horse is given, the following post takes a closer look at the bonuses of prevalent cashback cards.


The best cashback card depends on the shopping habits and needs of the cardholder. For example, Miles & More cards are particularly recommended for frequent flyers. Those who like to go shopping, on the other hand, are usually spot on with a cashback card from American Express or Amazon – especially if the contractual partners of the cashback credit card are among the cardholder’s core business. But if you only rarely need a 신용카드현금화, one that does not incur an annual fee is suitable.

The best cashback credit card, therefore, depends on its owner and where they usually shop. It is always the one that best suits his buying behavior, taking into account the respective annual fee.


Those who pay with a Cashback credit card can, depending on the provider and participating partner companies, receive a reimbursement of up to 15 percent in the form of bonuses, discounts, or as a return transfer of cash. This works in a gratifyingly unbureaucratic way: you present it at the cash register when paying and if the merchant accepts the card (i.e., is a contractual partner of the Cashback card), the points are credited.

Unlike credit cards with a bonus program, with a cashback credit card, you usually don’t have to collect a large number of points before they can be redeemed. Instead, the cardholder either immediately receives credit for every transaction made with the card or an immediate discount from the cashback card’s contractual partners.

Final Words

These are almost always very well-known companies such as Amazon, Apple, Ikea. Also, many cashback card providers have their own (online) shops where the customer can exchange his points directly for certain goods, sometimes for cash or a reduction in the annual fee.

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