What are the different types of blogs that exist on websites?

A blog is a kind of informational website that publishes information on various current topics and evergreen subjects regularly. All the posts on the websites are arranged in a linear direction. The most recent post resides at the top of the website. A blog can be the voice of your thoughts that give rise to many serious topics of society.  Blogs sometimes work like a decadent dictionary that describes those thoughts of our society or era that comes in a state of decay. Blogger work to write, edit, post, and promote the content on websites through social media. They choose the topic of the blog so much attractive and have the capability to explain to the reader what will happen inside the topic. They use maximum psychological words in their blogs that make the content more powerful. The descriptions of blogs are done in between 150- 155 characters. The text amount may go high but normally the length of the blog is in between these characters. The blogging word includes different types of blogs that are based on different kinds of fields. Someone who wants to be a blogger must decide first on what topic he wanted to write then select the type of blog.

different types of blogs

  1. Personal blogs: It is the place where the blogger shares his personal experience with what is related to his real-life incidents. They open their feelings in front of the readers.
  2. Business blogs: Those people who write blogs about their business, it is the right place for them. These blogs help in gaining more publicity, movement, and consumers for the business. They do not focus to write their personal experience instead they pay their attention to write on their business.
  3. Professional blogs: Those blogs that are written by the people to earn money online. They are well-trained bloggers.
  4. Niche blogs: It includes vast topics to write blogs. A lifestyle blog, home décor blog, health blogs, religious blogs all come under Niche blogs.
  5. Media blogs: These blocks include different videos, photos, and sketches, etc.

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