The use and design of an object

What is the object for?

The object’s d’être is its usefulness, but it also fulfills other important roles that are related to the user and to technical knowledge and developments in manufacturing.

Use value

It is the quality of the services rendered by a product for a given user. It is how a product meets a need that has been defined. The  main function of using a chair, for example, and sitting. There are additional or secondary functions such as supporting the back (backrest) or forearms (armrests), storing it if it is foldable, moving if it is on casters, etc.

The value of esteem

It is the emotional bond that is established between the user and the product. We choose an object for personal, emotional, cultural reasons. We also talk about added value because this is what is in addition to the function and makes sense for the consumer. The object is speaking; it seduces; it is a sign system.

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Technical value

Technical innovations, new materials or improvements in manufacturing contribute to improving the qualities of the product and transforming its aspect.

What is the SONCAS method?

The SONCAS method is a basic technique taught to each salesperson used to  buy cialis online canada SONCAS brings together six levers behind the motivation to buy (Security, Pride, Novelty, Comfort, Money, Sympathy).

SONCAS can be supplemented by the CAP method (Characteristics – Advantages – Evidence), which then becomes – I let you guess – the CAP SONCAS method to better convince. By knowing the typical profile of your prospect, focus your commercial discourse on the benefits of a deal with you, and we guarantee it you will perform!

What your client is looking for is not the drill, but how he can make a hole in the wall. Be that hole in the wall! It’s up to you to establish THE commercial diagnosis that converts every time.

Zoom in on each lever and how to use them:

Sons = Security: how to reassure a prospect?

It is one of the first psychological levers that conditions are purchasing. And as you will see in a sales situation: fear makes you sell. The Maslow pyramid identifies the five types of human needs. The first is physiological: eating, sleeping, etc. Security comes second. Suffice to say that this is a basic need! The risks linked to negative consequences almost systematically push customers into action.

In SONCAS, Security is paramount for all your prospects. How to reassure them? You are a commercial in insurance: The sale is based on the probability of a potential loss and associated losses.

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