Should I Buy Used Car or New Car?

Are you confused between new car and used car? At a glance used car appears to be a sensible choice. However, if that is true, why do people splurge on the new vehicle every year? They cannot be reckless spendthrifts. One simple answer will be, everybody’s circumstances are very different. For a few people the new vehicle is a right choice. Some are well served buying the used cars in Phoenix. How will you decide? Let us examine new car and used car benefits in detail.

Benefits of Used Cars.

Here are some factors that may tilt you towards used car buying.

They will cost less (you may get more car for your money.) Even after 3 years the new car will be worth around 60 percent of what this cost new. If you buy the used car somebody else takes the initial depreciation hit.

Reduce sales tax. One simple math, when you pay very less for a vehicle you will pay less tax.

Insurance rates can be less expensive. The value is one important factors, but if car is worth less than the new one. It may usually decrease the premium that you will pay.

Get more goodies. New car buyer generally pays the steep premium for the luxuries such as leather seats & sunroof, however, when car’s some years old then they make very little difference to its price. Thus, if you wish to indulge with the better sound system and wood trim, you will get the better value purchasing used.

Joy of Buying the New Car.

Even though there’s nothing like it, still it is not only about enjoying the new car smell. There’re a few sound reasons for selecting new instead of used.

Warranty. Many new cars generally come with 3 year or maybe 36,000 miles coverage & there is a warranty of five years and longer from its purchase date. Still you will have to stay with the oil changes & tire rotations, however, those will be included with new car purchases.

Choice. While buying new you may get exact color, equipment and trim that you want. There is not any need to compromise that is what you need to do when you are buying the used car.

Condition. New car is clean in and out. You are not sitting among remains of somebody else’s takeout & there is not one single scratch and chip anywhere.

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