Gloves For Arthritis To Help And Ease The Pain

One of the most asked questions is how wearing a glove or brace can ease up the pain. When you are facing arthritis problems, your joints swell up and cause a lot of pain. This is because the protective cartilage has worn down, and now your bones are rubbing each other. The problems are internally in your joints. So how do accessories like thumb support or gloves for arthritis help?

The answer is simple. These accessories are braces that cover the affected areas and apply pressure over the affected joints. If you have arthritis, you face swelling, pain in the joints, stiffness in joints, and lack of maneuverability in joints, making you day to day tasks a huge challenge. The truth is that gloves don’t treat arthritis, but their main purpose is to reduce these symptoms, which we just mentioned. The gloves for arthritis are basically of four different types:

  1. Splints Gloves: These gloves help you by providing you extra support for your joints movements and help in motion.
  2. Compression Gloves: these gloves put pressure on your affected areas, reducing pain and swelling over the joints and surrounding areas.
  3. Thermal Gloves: the main aim of these gloves is to provide heat to the body, reducing swelling and stiffness, and pain.
  4. Wrist wraps: these are for additional support for your joints and motion of your hands and wrists.

Gloves For Arthritis

These gloves are also available in a combination of their usage mentioned above. Compression and heat help increase circulation in the affected areas, increase internal healing and ease pain, and reduce inflammation. Gloves are recommended to be worn during 8 hours of sleep to help heal, and consistent use of gloves provide better motion and reduce stiffness and pain.

Another important area where arthritis affects you the most is your Thumb. In this scenario, there is pain at the base area of the Thumb and swelling on the Thumb bass. Movement is next to impossible and causes a lot of pain and impairs a person’s grip. For this, gloves are not suggested. However, there are braces called thumb support. These braces are smaller in size and open than a glove. In this, all the other fingers are open to movement except your Thumb. The Thumb area is compressed around warm covering, which halts any possible movement of the Thumb base so that no more pain from motion can be caused. However, the top of the Thumb is still open, which allows the upper Thumb to move. This helps in grip and various other daily tasks as pressing buttons, holding bags, etc. while the Thumb base is completely blocked from movement. This helps in healing and reduces swelling.

Overall, accessories like these are a lifesaver and can help you do daily chores and improve your mental health.

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