An Outlook Of Confinement Food Catering In Singapore

It is rightly said that, “What you eat is, what you become”. This is true specially in case of new born babies and their moms. The entire health of both is dependent on the food consumed by new moms. Therefore, there exist diets that are specially curated for new moms to help them regain their lost blood and Qi. Such food is called “Confinement food”.

Singaporean postnatal food:

It typically confinement food catering Singapore consists of soups like chicken soup, bone broth soup, fish-papaya soup etc. And dairy products like milk, cheese etc. Along with a special herbal drink “JAMU” made of turmeric, ginger, lemon and honey.

The main aim of confinement diet is to help a new mom rebuild herself and produce good quality of milk in sufficient quantity for the newborn. So, due care is to be taken while preparing the food.

Why is catering service for confinement food needed?

A woman becomes very weak after all the blood loss during childbirth. She can’t take care of herself and the baby alone. She needs help. But not all women have their mom or mother-in-law to take care of things.

Moreover, in todays’ fast-paced world, finding time to manage other chores and then cook such food is impossible for many new moms.

Therefore, the catering services in confinement food can be a blessing to such moms.

Confinement food catering services in Singapore:

In Singapore, there are many good caterers who provide daily confinement meals at reasonable cost.

Confinement Food Catering In Singapore

There are different meal plans offered by different caterers. For example:

  1. 10-day meal plan.

28-day meal plan etc.

Average cost: The average cost of opting for a 28-day meal plan lies between $1688 to $1940 depending upon the caterer you want.

Few strategies used by the caterers to attract customers:

  • Providing offers such as free food tasting.
  • Offering the option of fusing different cuisines.
  • Providing discount on meal plans.
  • Meal customization etc. 

Points to keep in mind while choosing the caterer:

  1. Check for the options provided: Few caterers provide options like Halal option etc. Check beforehand.
  2. Know about Vegan option: Many caterers are also providing vegan food. Enquire for it if you want to opt for a vegan diet.
  3. Compare the prices: One must always compare prices offered for same service by different caterers.
  4. Quality Check: Apart from price, check if the caterer is maintaining quality in service. Because, what you eat will directly affect your child.
  5. Hygiene Check: See if the caterer is ensuring hygienic practices while preparing the food.
  6. Budget: Fix a budget and then choose the caterer according to your budget.

As the health of newborn is linked to mom’s diet and the recovery of new mom is also dependent on her food intake, ensure due care is taken while selecting the caterer.

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