Working of Pop up Displays

Pop-up commercial displays begin with a wrap-out aluminum frame that opens to reveal the basic structure of a small movable wall. The frame pops up by expanding to open. Some models offer a self-locking frame, whereas, others use locking weapons.

After opening the frame, metal or plastic bars are stuck perpendicular to the center of the frame. This provides additional support for the frame and it is the place where the skin or posture is attached of the pop up display.

Struts which are also known as “channel bars” can be ordered as single units or as three connected units. The flat surface of the face of the channel bar has flat magnets and they are used to stick the skin to the metal frame.

The “skin” of the pop-up displays is made up of flexible, scrollable panels which may be either graphic or fabric that are attached to the front and sides of the display frame and both are attached in the same way.

pop up display

Each and every pop up model has its own type of link to spotlights. A few model join at the top of the channel bars, whereas, others make use of special connectors. The spot lights used in this pop up displays can be adjusted

Accessories needed by them are listed below:

  • LCD monitor holders
  • Graphic wrap headers
  • Spot lights
  • Podium kits
  • Detachable shelving
  • Back-lit headers
  • Bubble panels

Places where they can be used are presentations, meetings, retail displays, mall displays, speeches, fashion runways and more.

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