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In the face of widespread “piracy” on Instagram, you may be wondering how to protect your account from dangerous people who may steal your information or use it for malicious purposes

Being hacked is something we all want to avoid! With the danger of identity theft looming on the horizon, it’s not good for your reputation, your brand, and your overall image. This is especially crucial if you are someone who makes a living with Instagram.

So, what can you do to protect your account? This article will describe different ways to avoid hacking and keep your account out of reach of others:

Use only secure third-party authentication applications

If you are a commercial user, you are most likely using your account in social networks with third-party apps. These are services that allow you to track analytics, monitor data, review information, and more. It is recommended to revoke access to untrusted applications.

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How to know which applications to trust?

The first sign of bad third-party service is when you notice that there is no SSL encryption on its site. The website must start with https; the small padlock symbol must be present in front of the URL.

Applications without sophisticated encryption can be compromised which can easily lead to the leakage of your data. The second moment to pay attention is the provision of your login information instead of logging into your account via Instagram API. hack Instagram accounts By different techniques.

Now, to be fair, many Instagram management services and account managers opt for secure tools; as a customer, you simply have to trust the service provider who uses these tools.

Take Combin for example. It’s reliable and secure. Identity and user information are not stored on its servers unlike most competitors: everything is hosted and run from the user’s PC.

Combin is a software to use to manage your Instagram: using the features that Combin offers, you can find your target audience, have more subscribers and like this, make your account more popular.

Simple features in use are made available to you: search for publications by hashtags, place, date of publication, search for Instagram user accounts among subscribers and commentators of another account, identification of those who do not follow you back, subscription / unsubscription en masse, the possibility to leave several likes and comments at the same time.

Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication was deployed in 2016, adding an extra layer of security: it’s a security feature that verifies that the person who accesses the account is you. You can easily enable this feature in your Instagram settings – all you need is your phone number.

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